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    Novolex, USW celebrate duties against paper bag importers

    The U.S. Department of Commerce's anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders apply to China, India and others. This follows the International Trade Commission’s finding that U.S. producers were being "materially injured."

    By July 19, 2024
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    Packaging policy issues to watch in the second half of 2024

    After a first half marked by EPR negotiations and some notable federal rules, still to come are next steps on the EU’s PPWR, a fifth meeting toward a global plastics agreement and possibly an update on the Green Guides.

    By July 18, 2024
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    Packaging groups engaged on numerous state EPR bills in 2024. What have they learned?

    Material and CPG trade groups are growing more accustomed to extended producer responsibility legislation in statehouses. Leaders weighed in on lessons to take forward from Minnesota, New York and other states this year.

    By July 16, 2024
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    EPA grants petition to review PFAS in fluorinated plastic containers

    The agency intends to request information on the prevalence of these containers in the U.S., potential alternatives to the fluorination process and risk mitigation measures. This follows a court battle with manufacturer Inhance Technologies.

    By July 12, 2024
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    New Jersey Senate passes bill to rightsize shipping boxes

    Have you ever received a tiny item in a huge box? Some legislators want to require retailers to keep that ratio in check. It’s one of multiple packaging bills in play in the state, among others related to PFAS, EPR and plastic utensils.

    By July 3, 2024
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    US Supreme Court overturns Chevron doctrine, limiting federal agency reach

    Federal courts will no longer have to defer to agency regulations for interpretation of ambiguous statutes.

    By Ryan Golden , Ginger Christ • July 1, 2024
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    9 countries’ paper bag imports harmed US producers, tariffs to come: USITC

    The U.S. Department of Commerce will issue duty orders. Novolex submitted petitions initiating the investigation that resulted in tariffs, but other packaging companies opposed it.

    By June 26, 2024
  • Person speaking at podium, in front of Massachusetts state seal
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    Cole Rosengren/Packaging Dive
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    Massachusetts advances plastic bag ban, lawmakers consider packaging EPR

    The Plastics Reduction Act recently passed the state Senate and is pending action in the House. It also seeks to add a fee on paper bags, change state procurement rules for plastic bottles and limit plastic utensils.

    By , Megan Quinn • June 24, 2024
  • New York State Senate leaders preside over a session in Albany on June 7, 2024.
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    Retrieved from New York Senate.
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    After late push, New York packaging EPR bill runs out of time

    The proposed legislation would have also set plastic reduction thresholds and banned certain toxic substances. The long-contested bill was opposed by some of the same groups that supported a packaging EPR law in Minnesota.

    By Megan Quinn , June 10, 2024
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    Ardagh, USW notch win in ongoing glass wine bottle import review

    The U.S. Glass Producers Coalition petitioned on the issue last December. More determinations from the Commerce Department and International Trade Commission are expected in the coming months on China, Mexico and Chile.

    By June 7, 2024
  • Large bundles of plastic bags, cans and milk containers await processing at a recycling center.
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    shaunl via Getty Images
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    Colorado’s PRO names executive director to manage state’s EPR rollout

    Meanwhile, Circular Action Alliance says it's still looking to hire for similar roles in Oregon and California.

    By Megan Quinn • June 6, 2024
  • Pink main stage sign that says 'Circularity' at the Circularity conference
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    Maria Rachal/Packaging Dive
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    4 talking points at Circularity on the path forward for packaging

    To scale change, experts brought up the need for more precompetitive collaboration and the desire to move beyond pilots, among other themes.

    By May 30, 2024
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    Packaging EPR compromises met with apprehension and hope

    Leaders from Circular Action Alliance, The Recycling Partnership, American Beverage and Upstream talked Minnesota’s new EPR law and upcoming challenges and opportunities amid a patchwork of regulations.

    By May 29, 2024
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    California legislators advance bills to limit plastic bags and PFAS, update EPR

    Multiple bills with packaging implications survived a key legislative deadline last week and have momentum as lawmakers work to wrap up their session over the summer.

    By , Megan Quinn • Updated May 29, 2024
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz speaks at a podium
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    Stephen Maturen via Getty Images
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    Minnesota becomes 5th US state with packaging EPR law

    Gov. Tim Walz signed a budget bill that includes language to set up an extended producer responsibility system. A producer responsibility organization is set to be appointed by January 2025.

    By , Megan Quinn • Updated May 23, 2024
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    Litter audit data could drive more litigation and policy, experts say

    A recent analysis identified Coca-Cola as the source of 11% of all branded plastic found in litter surveyed globally. This type of data is part of growing transparency around packaging outcomes.

    By May 22, 2024
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    Packaging EPR legislation with ‘shared responsibility’ model sent to Minnesota governor

    Minnesota could soon become the fifth state to enact such a law. A PRO would be appointed by next year. Ameripen described the legislation as “a fair compromise.”

    By May 21, 2024
  • plastic goes down a conveyor belt at a MRF
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images
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    New York state recycling needs assessment published amid push to pass EPR

    The first phase of the needs assessment, conducted by RRS for the Center for Sustainable Materials Management, shows more material in the state can be recovered, possibly through an EPR program, but more data is needed.

    By Megan Quinn • May 16, 2024
  • Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, during the plenary voting session on April 24, 2024.
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    Buissin, Philippe. (2024). Retrieved from European Parliament Multimedia Centre.
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    // EU packaging regs advance

    EU Parliament votes in favor of PPWR

    A vote Wednesday advances approval of the sweeping packaging rules, but finalization isn’t expected until after a new Parliament is elected later this year.

    By April 24, 2024
  • The Colorado flag waves in the breeze in front of an American flag.
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    rarrarorro via Getty Images
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    Colorado legislature greenlights ‘medium’ scenario for EPR implementation

    A revised needs assessment showed that the producer-funded program cost could range between $190 million and $310 million come 2035. The recycling rate could reach 58% by that year, an estimate shows.

    By April 22, 2024
  • More than a dozen labelless, silver-colored steel food cans grouped together.
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    wragg via Getty Images
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    CMI weighs in on Biden’s call for tariff increases

    Trade with China is a key issue ahead of the 2024 presidential election. The Can Manufacturers Institute says the Biden administration should take greater action to mitigate impacts from steel and aluminum imported goods.

    By April 19, 2024
  • Plastic toiletry bottles
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    Illinois Senate approves bill targeting single-use plastic at hotels

    Similar legislation requiring hotels to eliminate small plastic toiletry bottles has passed in Washington, California and New York.

    By Jenna Walters • April 15, 2024
  • Two workers in yellow hard hats stand over a conveyor belt full of recyclable materials, primarily plastics, in an industrial facility
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    Natalie Behring via Getty Images
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    Circular Action Alliance is lone PRO to submit program plan for Oregon EPR

    The brands-led group, which is already active in Colorado, California and Maryland, is eyeing end-of-year approval for its plan as 2025 recycling changes loom.

    By April 3, 2024
  • Machinery inside Graphic Packaging International's Kalamazoo, Michigan, paperboard production plant.
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    Permission granted by Graphic Packaging International
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    Federal judge dismisses $600M environmental lawsuit against Graphic Packaging

    The judge did not believe the plaintiffs’ attorney made a convincing case that GPI and government officials harmed residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan, with toxic emissions. Now, that attorney faces possible punishment.

    By March 19, 2024
  • The exterior of US EPA headquarters in Washington, DC
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    EPA limits for fine particulate matter emissions rattle packaging industry, prompt appeal

    Changes to the PM 2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards could affect multiple states. The American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association and others recently petitioned for legal review.

    By April Reese • March 19, 2024